Conway Londregan Sheehan & Monaco Secures Approval for 96 Residential Townhouses in Sprague

Conway, Londregan, Sheehan & Monaco, P.C. secured approval from the Town of Sprague Planning and Zoning Commission for 96 residential townhouse units for its client Stone Ridge of Sprague, LLC. The proposed multi-family development is located on Riverside Drive in the Town of Versailles. The site, as assembled, will have an area of 71.84 acres. Thirty acres for passive recreation will be provided. The management of the condominium will be by its association and will include the private road, access ways, open space, and refuse collection. Site development will be completed in phases. The developer agreed to construct offsite improvements to alleviate site line constraints on a dangerous curve on Riverside Drive, to the delight of the homeowners living on Riverside Drive. Also included in the approval were two commercial site pads for development to complete the village concept permitted by the regulations. Tom and Jeff Londregan represented Stone Ridge of Sprague, LLC. Its principal member is John Lombardi Jr of Waterford, CT. For more information regarding this and other development projects, please contact Jeffrey T. Londregan at [email protected] , or Thomas J. Londregan at [email protected], or call 860-447-3171.