Real Property Disputes

At Conway, Londregan, Sheehan & Monaco, P.C., our attorneys routinely handle disputes over real property in both residential and commercial contexts including the following issues:

  1. Boundary disputes in which there is difference in opinion where one property ends and another begins and/or the placement of a fence or hedge;
  2. Commercial Leases including includes eviction, right of first refusal, forcible detainer actions;
  3. Beach, Condominium and Homeowners' Associations: including collections and document amendments;
  4. Easements and Right of Way: involves the right to use someone else's land for a specified purpose and determining the legal right to pass along a specific route through the land of another;
  5. Condemnation / Eminent Domain: includes determining fair market value of land and whether the government has the right to take the property;
  6. General real property disputes: including disputes for all residential and commercial land contracts and issues such as issues over management and operating agreements;
  7. Land use: zoning issues, applications to planning and zoning boards, municipal code enforcements, land hearings, and litigation;
  8. Suits for partition: forcing the separation of title between or among landowners;
  9. Title disputes: when another party claims partial or full ownership of the property that you purchased;
  10. Trespassing: when a person comes onto your land without permission;

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