Litigation Expert Ralph J. Monaco

Attorney Ralph J. Monaco working on a client’s litigation case.

Conway, Londregan, Sheehan & Monaco, P.C.’s litigation department handles a wide variety of litigation matters for clients in both state and federal courts. Our litigators are proud of the track record that they have established of success in the courtroom. Through tenacity and professionalism, our litigation attorneys have gained wide respect among their peers and the judiciary. Our lawyers are familiar with the courtroom, and employ cutting-edge trial skills and techniques through both modern equipment and old-fashion, time-tested trial skills. We pride ourselves in thoroughly preparing each case so that our clients have the maximum advantage in the courtroom. When expert witnesses are needed, we only associate with the highest qualified experts in their field. Whether a jury or judge hears a case, our seasoned lawyers have the experience to get the job done for the client.Our firm also has significant appellate experience. We have handled dozens of appeals at the Connecticut Supreme Court, Connecticut Appellate Court, Second Circuit Court of Appeals, and United States Supreme Court. We understand the need to preserve an appellate record at trial. We identify appellate issues early on in a case so that our client is in the best position if an appeal is required. Several of our appellate cases have garnered national and even international attention. We are proud that some of our appellate cases have even become a standard part of the curriculum in law schools.

Our litigation department is headed by Attorney Ralph J. Monaco, who is a board-certified trial lawyer and serves on the executive board of the Litigation Section of the Connecticut Bar Association.