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Premises Liability Actions

A slip, trip or fall accident can have devastating consequences. What makes it worse is that these accidents can frequently be avoided with proper care. Failure to follow the code or invest in proper maintenance are often the underlying causes. The law office of Conway, Londregan, Sheehan & Monaco, P.C., is devoted to representing clients who have suffered injuries in New London and across the state of Connecticut and Rhode Island. Attorney Eric Garofano is also authorized to bring claims and lawsuits against the Mohegan Sun Casino (owned and operated by the Mohegan Gaming Disputes Authority).

We always put the needs of our clients first. Our experienced litigation team fights to ensure that our clients are well-compensated. A premises liability case may also serve as notice to property owners and prevent others from being exposed to a similar risk of harm. Furthermore, only select lawyers are admitted to practice in the Mohegan Gaming Disputes Court for injuries that occur at the Mohegan Sun casino that has strict requirements for bring a claim or lawsuit . Similarly, claims against the State of Connecticut and towns, cities and other municipalities in Connecticut may require notice to be provide within as little as 120 days, so please do not wait and contact us today.

Slip-And-Fall Injury

Dangerous conditions such as torn or ripped carpeting, transitions in flooring that are not level, narrow stairways, or a spill can cause an individual to trip or slip and suffer injury. Falls on broken or cracked sidewalks and slick parking lots and entranceways also can cause injuries.

Our lawyers will investigate whether a property owner was careless and failed to remedy a situation that was known to be dangerous. Clients receive personalized attention from our team over the course of their case, including regular appointments with an attorney until their case is resolved. Our attorneys have a proven record of success. We have significant jury trial experience, and we have taken on large companies and insurers to do what is right for our clients. It may be impossible to work after suffering a slip-and-fall injury. Could compensation be available to cover lost wages and medical bills? Our experienced attorneys can answer these questions.