Trucking accident lawyers in Connecticut - Conway, Londregan, Sheehan & monaco P.C.Accidents involving commercial trucks result in some of the most serious injuries on Connecticut roadways. Recovery could involve multiple surgeries, physical therapy, and significant pain. Family members may be in shock after a trucking accident and have no idea where to turn. Mounting medical bills and lost wages place added financial stress. Our experienced trial attorneys offer reassurance and answer questions at the first appointment. We make sure that insurance companies treat our clients fairly after a motor vehicle accident, which allows them to focus on recovery. Insurance companies know that we are not afraid to take them to court.

If presented with an early offer from an insurance company, call us at (860) 447-3171. Signing a settlement offer could waive rights and prove unfair in the long term. Our team is made up of tenacious attorneys and paralegals who fight for our clients’ best interests. We are well-respected for professional representation in the courts and by the insurance industry.

Semi Collision Or A Tractor-Trailer Crash

The weight differential between big rigs and passenger vehicles is so great that these accidents are often catastrophic. Determining causation may involve law enforcement, federal agencies, and accident re-constructionists. Our lawyers are familiar with the complexities inherent in these cases.

Board-certified trial lawyer Ralph J. Monaco heads our New London litigation department. He and his team are often found in the courtroom and know when to employ cutting-edge techniques or stick with our time-tested trial skills. Our attorneys have a proven track record and have handled many jury trials against some of the largest companies and insurers.