Wrongful death lawyers in Connecticut - Conway, Londregan, Sheehan & monaco P.C.When a death is caused by the negligence or fault of another person or an entity (an equipment or product manufacturer), family members may need to bring a wrongful death lawsuit. While monetary compensation will never bring a loved one back, it is one way to hold the responsible party liable. Fatal accidents can occur while on the job and involve workers’ compensation issues. A tragic accident on the operating table or during the delivery of a child may involve a medical malpractice claim. Distracted driving by a texting driver may lead to auto accidents on our roads. It takes a skilled legal team to deal with multiple legal claims and offer compassionate representation during the most difficult of times.

Capable Of Handling All The Legal Issues

Numerous claims and questions can easily emerge. In a fatal auto accident there may be:

  • A wrongful death claim against the negligent driver
  • A workers’ compensation claim for a person who was working at the time or the collision
  • A products liability lawsuit against a manufacturer for a faulty product

Locating all the immediately available resources — such as private disability, life insurance policies or government programs — is also necessary to help a family continue to pay the bills. The family must also deal with the probate of a will and estate tax issues.

At Conway, Londregan, Sheehan & Monaco, P.C., each of our lawyers focus on different practice areas such as wrongful death litigation. This provides us the resources to resolve each and every legal issue. Our litigation department has the experience to fight for the best possible outcome of the wrongful death claim. At the same time, our estate administration attorneys will resolve all insurance and probate matters.