Whether it’s a landlord issue with trying to evict a non-paying tenant, or a tenant defending against an over-zealous landlord, the attorneys at Conway, Londregan, Sheehan & Monaco, P.C. have experience in both sides of the Summary Process/Eviction proceedings. Our attorneys have years of experience representing regional Housing Authorities as we as smaller, private landlords with multi-family properties. We have successfully helped landlords through the procedural minefield that is the summary process procedure. From making sure pre-termination notices meet the correct deadlines, to ensuring that notices to quit have the requisite language to overcome jurisdictional defenses, our attorneys are familiar with all of those important details to have a tenant removed from the leased premises as quickly as possible.

landlord tenant disputes lawyers in Connecticut - Conway, Londregan, Sheehan & monaco P.C.Additionally, our attorneys routinely handle evictions in the context of foreclosures that require navigating Connecticut’s unique notice requirements. Conversely, our attorneys have represented tenants in defending against eviction actions being brought against them to enforce the tenants’ rights under their lease agreements to peacefully enjoy the tenancy property as well as securing the return of security deposits with penalties where applicable. The eviction process can sometimes be confusing, with attention to detail being critical. Understanding deadlines and those details are crucial to working towards a successful outcome.